Alkaline gets visa revoked!!

Alkaline is the latest dancehall artiste who has had his visa revoked. He joins fellow deejays who has had their visas revoked Beenie Man, Mavado and Bounty Killer.

It is reported that the move was made by the US immigration after he released a politically motivated track titled Save Yourself in which he addressed Jamaica and Caribbean nations, saying “You can’t change my pride,you can’t take my power.”

Alkaline has since dismissed the act as a joke; however the United States Embassy inKingston did not share his humour as his visa was subsequently revoked on May 13.

The Key to the City deejay has since released a statement saying, “I couldn’t believe that the Jamaican or U.S governments would violate the privacy rights of citizens and publish their legal names, their birth dates, their actual Jamaican passport numbers and their U.S Visa control numbers. I did not believe it.”

Numerous rumours have since been circulating about the real reason why the artiste’s visa has been revoked with many speculating that Alkaline has been banned for advocating violence against homosexuals. Others have theorized that it is a repercussion stemming fromJamaica’s refusal to cooperate in the U.S extraction of a drug dealer.

The Jamaica Observer has since issued report warning dancehall artistes against travelling at all.

Alkaline is yet to release Save Yourself as a free download,is urging Jamaicans to take action.“We cannot depend on people to help us, we must depend on ourselves.”

It is safe to say that whatever the case, Alkaline will not be performing in the United States anytime soon.

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